Explaining and Antics 15. Favourite Candies and Favourite People Yamaguchi asked, confused why he took the candy from him, and why he was looking for his wallet when he wasn't getting anything. Tsukki! Tsukishima normally only walked with him until they had to go their separate ways, and hadn't walked him all the way home in a long time. Worries and Cats "Here, open. The freckled boy asked as they stepped out onto the street. You know I love you no matter what, right? Tsukishima nods and bends down so she can kiss his forehead. This is such an amazing piece of work op,, your writing is immaculate ()*. Yamaguchi scrunched his eyebrows in focus, another habit Tsukishima recognized. #haikyuu #haikyuutexts #haikyuutexting #Yamaguchi #lyric #lyricprank #anime #weebHELLO AND WELCOME AGAIN belated HAPPY VALENTINES Y'ALL sorry for late uploading some videos I'm getting busy cause I'm going to school again yey :D BUT I still uploading some videos but its kinda delayed so sorry for who first request me to do your resquests uhh what? 14. Hey, Tsukki? He wants to tell her not to call him that, but he refrains. 5. Tsukishima, I promise you, if Yamaguchi is really your friend, hell still want to be friends with you. "I didn't put the sky there," Tsukishima joked, opening the package of candy. "Your best friend is normally your closest friend, your favorite person.". "Tsukki," Yamaguchi started, "You're my favourite person. Strange Thought and Strange Feelings Akiteru looked at his brother, slightly scared, "R-Right! Tsukishima cant say theres never been a time hes been ashamed about it. "I call this one 'Childhood Dream'," Yamaguchi declared, pointing at the flower crown he had just made. The word is heavy on his tongue, catching in the back of his throat. Work Search: While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. You had decided to write "Are you sure you're not just trying to change the topic?" His hand flies up to rub the back of his neck. He has no fucking clue what her first name is. Tsukishima feels lucky for the first time in months. "They tell me you'll leave me. Confessions and Comfort ", Tsukishima took one of the Strawberry Mentos Yamaguchi was offering, "Thank you.". "I'm not sure," Tsukishima answered after a long moment. Tsukishima is quiet the entire walk home. I hope you guys enjoy. left kudos on this work! Timidity and Confidence 22. "Thank you, Tsukki. Mochi (Yamaguchis is fries). The sneers. Tsukishima wondered why he was going through the effort of this everyday. ", "They still are, I just haven't seen them in any stores lately. as well as 19. "please get together with your assigned partner to plan when you're going to work on the assignment, remember it's due in two weeks." the teacher announced . Saito leads him around another shelf into a new aisle. 10. Letters and Reseaons Yamaguchis gaze drops to the floor, smile turning sheepish. She snuggles a little closer into Tsukishimas side. Timidity and Confidence Fuck, hes said something wrong. Tsukishima closed his eyes, enjoying the embrace. These were all things Tsukishima told Yamaguchi, to which Yamaguchi would reply in a dull tone; "I can't watch where I'm going, I can't see. Of course, Takeda says, tell us anything. Tsukishima tries to swallow the lump in his throat. Please consider turning it on! "I feel like I should be asking you that, you're turning red," he stated, wondering what his freckled friend could be so flustered about. Not really. Walking and Comparisons A pretty girl, one that Tsukishima is on a date with, because hes not a fag. Tsukishima likes his best friend. Theyre his favorite candy. forming hello XD in a surprisingly neat handwriting. Thank you for telling us, Tsukishima, he says. So Tsukishima turns, all but running home. Thats enough of crying over- over a boy. 4. He takes that back as soon as class starts. He turns and walks the rest of the way home. He doesnt really feel any better the next morning. I will always be behind you to support you, in front of you to protect you, and right by your side." ", "I just thought it would be," Tsukishima pretended to search for a word, "Romantic, perhaps? Invitations and Unwanted Siblings Yamaguchi's face had flushed. You never offer to!" 15. "I didn't think you'd hold his hand!" Chapter 29: Surprises and Sunsets Notes: I love this one it's so warm . She started saying she loves him a few days ago, and Tsukishimas playing has been even worse since then. It was after Hinata said that that Yamaguchi had started acting strange. He knows Yamaguchi doesnt like them. So when lunch rolls around, he immediately turns around to talk to the girl instead. And for once he's ashamed of it, whether he should be or not. Tsukishima doesnt want to think about what anything could mean, so he doesnt. Dont call me that. It was "Sorry. Hes not gonna be gay anymore. "Hey, Yamaguchi?". I do plan on making another letter soon, to make up for the previous one since in the letter itself y/n said they wanted to write a more detailed love letter ^_^, Welcome my dear, to the place where I, your host, will serve you with nothing else other than my undying love for non existent beings.. Shes tied them up with pink bows. Yamaguchi's words had echoed in his head all through practice. Fruit-flavored Mentos contain sugar, wheat glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil, citric acid, fruit juices from concentrate (strawberry, orange, lemon) (1%), rice starch, gum arabic, natural flavors, sucrose esters of fatty acids, gellan gum, carnauba wax, colors (beta-carotene, beetroot red), and beeswax. Yes, he says. Care and Pancakes Tsukishima swallows hard. Trying and Failing He doesnt hate himself for it. Tsukishima walked past the spot and went on. Yamaguchi was the type to think about everything he would say first, and then confront the other person. He doesnt know if the tears on his cheeks are his or Yamaguchis. "Oh Tsukki" Yamaguchi trailed off, then turned to Tsukishima, "Can we go over there?". "And sweet people like sweet candy," Tsukishima replied, swiping the package of candy out of Yamaguchi's hand as he moved up to the till. 3. Please, Yamaguchi, dont. Yamaguchi covered his face with both his hands. Notes and Messages. Yeah, right. Tsukishima knows he doesnt like overly sweet things. Hed deserve it. The club room is as loud as it always is, Nishinoya and Tanaka shoving each other around, Suga scolding them. Ukai! Takeda already looks like hes gonna pass out. Kei, he says simply. "I'm here. "Where are we going?" Tsukishima placed the money on the counter and grabbed the candy. Strawberry Mentos ren_offline. you had that first conversation on your forearm, you were hooked. Mentos. He turned down the road leading to Shimada's without waiting for Tsukishima's response. He only gets away with that because hes smart. It was lunch time now and Yamaguchi still hadn't talked to the blond, which was expected. What is he eating them for if not to kiss her? 22. Im gay. Its the first time in a month he doesnt insult himself in the mirror. "If the voices come back, or you have those dreams again, I want you to tell me, okay? What are you doing?" Yamaguchi, whose hands are fisted at his side. Its just a bunch of stupid high schoolers. They went back and forth for a while, making bracelets, rings, crowns, anything they could from those flowers. (See the end of the chapter for more notes.) Yamaguchi's words had echoed in his head all through practice. Notes and Messages. Yamaguchi deserved so much more than his past self. Mentos Chewy Mints are offered in several refreshing flavor varieties. it. Tsukishima looked down to see a certain ginger, "What do you want? Tsukishima followed quickly, wanting to see his reaction to the candy. 21. Homework and Calls Tsukishima wouldn't really care, but she cheers every time he does something even remotely right. 23. She seems to be waiting for something. Go get changed. And thats that. 17. Saito gets tea and something with chocolate, and Tsukishima gets his usual coffee and a strawberry cake. Yamaguchi has had a drawer at Tsukishimas house for a while, and Tsukishima is glad to see it getting used again. Maybe this isnt so hard. Tsukishima stood there for a moment, completely blanking out. 22. He was getting tired of holding her hand, and this way he can shove his hand back into his pocket like he likes. [old user]his bday was 10 days ago but imma ignore that and repost this here :)) also stream strawberry mentos bc its yamaguchis song ig: https://www.instagram.com/lexiyamaa/ac: mine song: strawberry mentos anime: haikyuu! I don't deserve to be by your side." Thank god, honestly. Fuck, he cant breathe. 13. 19. You've never done that before," he answered quietly. At least he wont have to deal with it at practice. 3. After the recent Bananas n Cream Mentos, I figured the next on my list of dairy-inspired Mentos should be some of the yoghurt ones.. They were your favourite back then, right? Im starving.. They were sweeter than he remembered. "O-Oh wow I didn't realize we were walking for so long." Dont fucking talk about Tsukki that way. Yamaguchi, who isnt particularly loud and who never really picks a fight. Apparently something about her tea makes Saito chatty, because she starts asking Tsukishima all sorts of questions. Yamaguchi asked in a quiet voice. as well as Clarity and Titles But now? After this was brought to his attention, Tsukishima decided to do something about it, coincidentally on the same day Yamaguchi rediscovered his favourite childhood candy, Strawberry Mentos. "For today. He goes out of his way to avoid Yamaguchi, which might be a little much. ", "Of course I know what it means!" According to the USDA, four pieces of marshmallows . Tsukishima let go of Yamaguchi's hands. "We're here.". So hes been lying about it ever since, saying he doesnt like any girls in school. "Tsukki, it's fine," Yamaguchi said softly. Reflecting and Talking Howd you know? He blurts out when Daichi asks if hes done. He thinks he can ignore it, until-. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, bold of you to assume I know people for beta, someone make miscommunication and archive warning. Sweetheart, she starts. When Yamaguchi laughs, its so light and airy and overjoyed and Tsukishimas chest tightens in a now pleasantly familiar way. They are so good, and wish I could have that taste with Yamaguchi's lips on mine. "You won't be able to see where you're going if you do that," Tsukishima said, taking Yamaguchi's hands off his eyes and placed them by his sides. He leaned back, "Mm, yeah, you're right, they're pretty good. "It's so pretty and out of the way, it's not a place you just stumble across. Confessions and Comfort He holds Tsukishimas bag out to him. "Strawberry Mentos!" Tsukishima feels like a moron, collapsing into bed, headphones tossed across the room and phone on the floor. Yamaguchis eyes go wide and, oh wow, this hurts more than it should. No, no, no, no, no. various things on your bodies for your soulmates to see. If you have a fever, dont leave the house. "I'm sure," Yamaguchi replied, laughing as well, trying to get Tsukishima to take the berry. I dont want a fags sweater. Its not like she says it particularly loud, but shes got a lot of friends, and theyre all loud mouthed, so by the time the final bell rings, Tsukishimas been insulted more than a few more times. 12. Its only once hes in bed that night does he realise he never got his sweater back. jaetees, hilgykoo, jusia, Alehobi1992, Yogurt2011, Klickt, elleScorpio, Anime62344, hqdt_wwqt2, flwrmlkie, 1coughsyurp1, Quizze, and minllie How much he Questions and Articles Tsukishima caught up enough to see Yamaguchi open his locker and pull the small package out. Yamaguchi exclaimed. They always shared the bed before, but Tsukishima hesitates before getting into bed this time. Yamaguchi looked up at Tsukishima, eyes shining. Hes getting the hang of it, kinda. "They always start with us just hanging out. "yamaguchi and y/l/n" the two students turned their heads to meet each other's gazes. 18. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. 30. Tsukishima clicked his tongue, "You know, this has always kind of ticked me off," he said as he stopped walking, looking back at Yamaguchi who had also stopped, waiting for Tsukishima to finish his thought. Weve been together since. This is the part that he forgot about. I thought you hated me! Yamaguchi rubs his tears away. He dreads the date all week, and he tries to pretend that he doesnt. 24. And I used that coupon Ren gave us that time for the sunflowers. He just didnt exactly think there was anything wrong with it until he saw a kid get beat up about it in middle school. Tsukishima got off the bed and opened one of his drawers, the one that held all of the Strawberry Mentos that he'd bought when Yamaguchi was mad at him. Sunflowers and Hot Chocolate Dating, Tsukishima finishes, hand tightening around Saitos. Yamaguchi echoed. He nods. You squealed like Yamaguchi blurted out louder than he intended. 22. Explanations and Excuses Everytime after school, Hinata and Kageyama would be there, standing closer to each other everyday. And hes almost convinced himself they arent for him until he sees Yamaguchi pop one into his mouth. "So, was it all some kind of dare?" "It's fairly bitter itself.". Trying and Failing Sweet and Salty You remember the giddy feeling Really likes him. That Saturday, he gets dressed, only getting hung up when it comes to picking out a sweater. Tsukishima asked gently. I was thinking since were dating, shouldnt you call me by my first name? He glances at her. The team also investigated the total mass lost in the fountain and the influence of the sweet's surface roughness. She doesnt seem to have been put off by the interaction. Hinata smiled at him. "yamaguchi and y/l/n" the two students turned their heads to meet each other's gazes. Suga doesnt seem surprised by this news at all, not even looking up from his phone. Tsukishima normally only walked with him until they had to go their separate ways, and hadn't walked him all the way home in a long time. At least Yamaguchi had read it. Its so Yamaguchi that its a little overwhelming. ", Tsukishima opened his mouth enough for Yamaguchi to let him bite it. 18 0 3. a story about kids in love (inspired by strawberry mentos by leanna firestone) yamaguchi; strawberrymentos; yamaguchibrainrot +7 more # . He couldnt quite put his finger on when, or why, but at some point, the other boy had stopped just being a friend. 29. I am in love with our freckled boy. After a few minutes he presented his creation proudly, "For you! He told him with a smile. 25. He took a bite of the strawberry in his hand and smiled, "Oh! So, he went inside the store and bought two packages of Strawberry Mentos. He knows about the kids who get kicked out, or converted. Yamaguchi was blinking repeatedly, because he didn't know what to make of the situation, Tsukishima thought. Its stupid; he feels like an idiot. 20 guests Tsukishimas fingers are starting to cramp a little, and his hand is starting to sweat, and he really wishes Saito would let go. Strange Thought and Strange Feelings I didnt know youd be here too! Its then that Yamaguchi seems to notice the hand in Tsukishimas own. At lunch he would find himself waiting for a minute for Yamaguchi to come over to his desk and say his usual; "Tsukki! cc: you started eating my favourite candy you buy a pack in every store you're in stocking up on strawberry mentos so when you kiss me it'll taste like them oh you're so sweet that my . "What are they?" Its not like he can talk about it to anyone, and he doesnt want to. The tips of the blonde's ears turned red, "Shut up, Yamaguchi.." he mumbled, almost sounding shy. Walking to school, eating lunch, whatever. level 1 Suddenly changing from an emotionless, cold person to someone that neither Yamaguchi or Tsukishima were familiar with. Tsukishima held the door open for Yamaguchi, "Let's go.". Then the shadow starts to cover everything, and you get sucked into it, and then I'm left alone in this black void." Saying he doesnt care about celebrity crushes since hell never date them anyway. Sweet and Salty 24. Ah, you know, I- oh, Im not really good at this, but if you ever need anything, Ukai and I are here for you, you know? #haikyuu #haikyuutexts #haikyuutexting #Yamaguchi #lyric #lyricprank #anime #weebHELLO AND WELCOME AGAIN belated HAPPY VALENTINES Y'ALL sorry for late uploa. Sorry, Tsukki. It doesnt even sound convincing to himself. Tsukishima asked with a laugh as Yamaguchi held another strawberry to his mouth. "I remember very clearly. He holds his breath. y/n only smiled at the freckled boy. No. He doesnt even know for sure why Yamaguchi was buying them. He barely has time to glance around before Yamaguchi is slamming into his chest with a hug. Yamaguchi snapped back, not actually mad. They moved up in line. 8. ", "Someone was staring at Yamaguchi," Hinata said, dragging out the someone. When Yamaguchi got into his house he immediately opened the package of candy in his hand, and popped one into his mouth. Normally, he would just wait for Yamaguchi to come talk to him, and everything would go back to normal. Well be here for you! Takeda calls after him. Report Save Follow. Struggles and Dreams Pairing: Yamaguchi x Reader (gn I'm . Uh, sure?". Tsukishima tries to ignore them. A little louder, he repeats himself. Hes lucky. The jist of it: You finally get to meet your soulmate, Yamaguchi. "T-Tsukki, are you sure you're feeling alright?" When the blond arrived at school, he went to his locker to change his shoes. "Just trust me, okay?" "Good night, Tsukki," Yamaguchi said, returning the smile. And then hes being hugged so tight it feels like his ribs will crack. 27. Thinking and Decisions I didnt know you and Tsukki were He trails off, smile faltering. Invitations and Unwanted Siblings I would like to thank you, though. As Tsukishima neared the convenience store they stopped at the day before, he got an idea. He doesnt look up. There were a few more people back then, though. "Buying candy," he stated. "I suppose so. Mentos Clean Breath 30pc. They didn't speak after that, just layed there, watching the stars and the moon in the sky, shining brightly. You ate them so often, I was surprised you didn't get any cavities. Tsukishima bit his lip to stop himself from melting right then and there. left kudos on this work. Share. Movies and Sleepiness house. 21. Tsukishima put his arm around Yamaguchi, "You know something?". Twice. jaetees, hilgykoo, jusia, Alehobi1992, Yogurt2011, Klickt, elleScorpio, Anime62344, hqdt_wwqt2, flwrmlkie, 1coughsyurp1, Quizze, and minllie Waiting for him to come back was getting unbearable. You were able Yamaguchi's breathing was uneven, "The voices were still there this morning when I woke up. How much he, bold of you to assume I know people for beta, someone make miscommunication and archive warning. If pure joy was a person, Tsukishima was pretty sure that person would be Yamaguchi. "Why do you always walk behind me? Tsukishima walked down the street he saw Yamaguchi go down, and leaned against the wall beside where Yamaguchi would exit when he finished. Thank you so much! 26. 3. Yamaguchi answered, rubbing his eyes. Mentos. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Due to the incredible support of the community, we've raised US$252,343.98 with an average donation of $32.14, and added 6450 new members this drive. He tries not to glance over at him during class, and for once hes glad they got separated at the beginning of the year for talking too much. You don't need to go through that alone," Tsukishima placed one of his hands on one of Yamaguchi's. Yamaguchi knew Tsukishima hated dares, so why would he think whatever Tsukishima had done was one? From the moment Tsukishima just couldn't understand. for i will forever remember you in our love song. He hadn't, but Tsukishima saw Every time he saw him, Tsukishimas chest got so tight he was sure his heart would stop. He doesnt need some kind of weird sex talk from his volleyball coach. Concerns and Memories He asked the boy next to him sarcastically. 4. Notes and Messages, I'm really sorry about the miscommunication I forgot I had all this here what was I doing. Uh, um.." Kageyama looked like he was trying to come up with some kind of cover up. Surprises and Sunsets 10. Letters and Reseaons He feels gross. But you cant keep stringing that girl along, especially when its screwing up everyones playing.. You were so good today, Kei! Hasumi is on him as soon as practice ends, kissing his cheek and leaving a waxy chapstick mark behind. I have such fucking tsukiyama brain rot and I wanted to make it up to myself for writing my last one because it made me sad !!! Im gay. Maybe he could have worded it better, because she slaps him in response and storms into her house crying. Watch popular content from the following creators: leanna(@leannafirestone), leanna(@leannafirestone), leanna(@leannafirestone), Nicole(@cashmoneyycoco), leanna(@leannafirestone) . A comment like that was the reason Yamaguchi was mad at him in the first place. It doesnt last long at all. Work Search: He squeezes Yamaguchi back so tightly. 5. Oh, Kei Tsukishima whips his head around, making eye contact with his mother. He didnt used to, anyway. Yamaguchi let go of Tsukishima. 17. The next few days pass like that, and it turns into weeks, and then their one month rolls around and hes already exhausted of this. He ducked back into the kitchen. He looked over what else was on the blanket, some water, an assortment of snacks, strawberries, and a certain candy neither of them had seen for a few days. At least Yamaguchi had read it, To say the least, Tsukishima realized just how much he wanted Yamaguchi to be in his daily life. I'm surprised that Coach's store has them," Yamaguchi said, making a mental note to come back some other time. Waiting and Longing Favourite Candies and Favourite People Green hair tickles his chin. She tells him that she had a nice time, and thanks him for her tea, blushing the entire time. Thinking and Decisions 21. 20. 23. aaa- no se pq me dio por traducir esto pero bueno. God, what would everyone at school think? He can see Yamaguchi trying to get his attention out of the corner of his eye. I'm sorry, you didn't want to talk about it. Tsukishima looked back over, seeing Yamaguchi fidgeting with his fingers, a habit Yamaguchi had had since he met him. Yamaguchi practically jumped and wrapped his arms around Tsukishima, burying his face in the crook of Tsukishima's neck. Tsukishima asked, looking at the candy in his friend's hands. Missing and Misunderstandings 29. Have you ever asked yourself, "How much weight can I lose in a month?" or "How many meals a day should you eat?" Since 2005, a community of over 200 million members have used MyFitnessPal to answer those questions and more. Yeah, that shits scary, alright? Hasumi? She supplies. His playing is shit and his attitude is worse.
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