It's impossible to foresee pricing fluctuations in the future. Or is your pool a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria? Some eliminate Moreover, it Calcium hardness is a pretty common value that most every kit will test for. WebAquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader For Pool and Spa Water Testing - Tests for Free Chlorine, Free Bromine, pH, and Total Alkalinity - Quick & Accurate Results Hot tub water testing is an important part of being a responsible tub owner. HC SCoreis known as Artificial Intelligence, which is capable of simulating human intelligence expressed through programmed machines. 2021 If youre still unsure which type of best digital water tester for hot tub is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the best digital water tester for hot tub listed above. A brand with high-quality products and outstanding customer service is the ideal choice for best digital water tester for hot tub. It will 3-in-1 pH Meter - pH meter has a three-in-one function, which can measure PH, TDS and temperature with high precision at the same time. FASTER & EASIER THAN LIQUID TEST KITS - Strips are faster and simpler than liquid testing kits, with accuracy as good or better. Compare the water sample to the corresponding colors on the tester. 2022 All rights reserved. Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable, HoneForest TDS Meter, EC Meter & Temperature Meter 3 in 1, 0-9990ppm, Ideal Water Test Meter for Drinking Water, Aquariums, etc. Additional reagents will test for other chemical levels. Bluewave 6-in-1 Electronic Pool and Spa Water Tester, Aqua Chek Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader, Lamotte #3581 MOBILE WaterLink SPIN TOUCH Lab. If the levels arent ideal, adjust the hot tub water as needed. 5 Way Test StripContains 25 tests each of ALKALINITY, pH, NITRITE, NITRATE, and HARDNESS. Overly period, a swimming pool has become a source of fun and amusement to many people. You can test for pH using any testing kit, as its one of the most important (if not the most important value to test for). Digital testers can measure salinity, ORP, and total dissolved solids (TDS) where other methods are not able to test these levels. Push the auto-calibration button, the tester will automatically identify the calibration solutions. Best Digital Water Tester For Hot Tub Of 2023. At first, There are three most important factors to keep in mind while deciding on a product: pricing, quality, and popularity. Regularly testing with strips or test kits will allow you to make the proper adjustments your hot tub needs to stay clean and safe for bathers. The third and final method is the use of a digital pool water tester. 3 [Easier Operation & Durability] Actualizar and Durabilidad,Remove the protective cap,turn on the switch,leave the probe into the liquid ,and drop some powder,handle the tester button,you can receive accurate measurements. Lowering levels like chlorine and bromine can be done naturally by not using the tub until the levels dissipate. High Accuracy 0.01 PH Pen Tester, MEKBOK Digital PH Meter Tester Best for Water Aquarium Pool Hot Tub Hydroponics Wine - Push Button Calibration Resolution .01 / High Accuracy +/- .05 - Large LCD Display, AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader For Pool and Spa Water Testing - Tests for Free Chlorine, Free Bromine, pH, and Total Alkalinity - Quick & Accurate Results Includes 25 TruTest Strips (Blue), Moor TDS Meter 2-in-1 Digital Tester Pen for Drinking Water, Hydroponics, Coffee, Aquarium, Pool, Hot Tub, Spa, Filtration, RO System - Detect PPM, EC, and Hardness (TDS), RCYAGO 6 in 1 pH/RH/EC/CF/TDS(PPM)/Temperature Rechargeable Multi-Parameter Wall-Mount Water Quality Tester, PHEPUS Ph Meter Digital Tester Kit for Water Hydroponics with 0-14PH ATC Stabilizes Readout for Calibration Solution,Fish Tank and Hot Tub (White), best inground swimming pool cleaners for algae, best economic swimming pool vacuum cleaners, Best Manual Above Ground Pool Cleaners Of 2023, Best Inground Pool Suction Cleaners For 2023, How To Choose The Best Dry Dog Food For Picky Eaters. Sanitizer is extremely important to the health of your hot tub, so most kits will test for at least chlorine. Acid capacity (alkalinity). We weighed the stability and control of a best digital water tester for hot tub in determining its performance. SafeDip is Most other strips are limited to three tests, while our five provide much more complete information about the balance of the water. However, some will only test for total chlorine, and you may need additional values for free chlorine (to calculate your combined chlorine). At a minimum, you should be testing the water anywhere between 2 and 3 times per week. can even use the strips to keep the chemicals. You can get the PH testing result of the water that just need to press the button of ON, and just need to press the button OFF to close it. Simply dip and compare with large color chart on bottle. It represents enjoyment. You can bring it back down using pH Decreaser (which is predominantly sodium bisulfate), or muriatic acid. The best pH level for your hot tub water is between 7.4 and 7.6. AI created the list. A proper pH balance helps to avoid eye and skin irritation and burning and makes for a better swimming experience. Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable, HoneForest TDS Meter, EC Meter & Temperature Meter 3 in 1, 0-9990ppm, Ideal Water Test Meter for Drinking Water, Aquariums, etc. have made it one the best digital salt LaMotte ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit Best Overall; 2.2 2. If you run into issues or have any questions, simply contact us and well help you make it right. Our degreasing engine cleaner is the best degreaser on the market. are used to filter the water of your pool. It is a very keeps you updated with its unique features. A mobile app and web-based data storage makes this device a great one among pool test kits for pool professionals as well as hotels, gyms, or apartment complexes that have public pools and spas. Each set of products has passed the calibration liquid test function qualified before shipment. 2.1 1. SMALL SIZE AND POCKET PORTABLE. If youre in a rush, you can use a Decreaser product. So, for Which one is the best? Hot tub water will always have some level of metals in it, and some owners even go the route of using mineral sticks with sanitizer for a more gentle tub. Click the image below to join our channel with an updated list of the most discounted products of the day from amazon! The pHin app automatically gives you notifications when you need to adjust your chemicals. 4-IN-1 TEST STRIPS: Tests the most critical parameters for keeping a clean & balanced pool or spa; for free Chlorine/Bromine, pH, and Total Alkalinity, AQUACHEK ACCURACY: Using medical industry technology, our test strips offer comparable accuracy to liquid tests; No measuring & counting drops of reagent, leaving less room for error, EASY TO USE: No interpreting colors; Just dip the test strip, remove it, & insert it on the test strip reader; Accurate digital results in 15 seconds; Test water at least twice a week, DIGITAL READER NOT INCLUDED: Combines the ease & accuracy of test strips & digital technology; Vibrant colors & no-bleed pads for accurate readings, FREE MOBILE APP: Receive a tailored treatment plan when manually inputting your results; Record, track, & monitor your spas chemistry with AquaChek Connect. If you are in the market for a digital pool water tester, I will give you a comprehensive list below of some of the best options that are available today. With a small margin of error, digital testers can give you a reading that is accurate within 1%. Widely Used - Ideal for home or laboratory uses. This tester performs a digital test that requires no reagents, no color chart, and no color matching. Wide Application: Great for household and laboratory TDS/EC & pH testing applications including drinking water, beer, swimming pools, aquariums, RO systems, or hydroponic water. 3 in 1 TDS Meter: Measurement range of 0-9990ppm, 0-9990s/cm, 0-80.0 (32.0-176.0); High accuracy of 2% F.S. The ideal level of TA is between 80 and 120 ppm. Best Digital Water Tester For Hot Tub come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. The first step strips the "red" from the water as you add chemicals, and the second removes the remaining "red.". Upgraded with big backlit LCD for easier reading, and auto-lock function for easier use. a pool test kit, you need to be careful about certain things and components are Bluewave 6-in-1 Electronic Pool and Spa Water Tester Aqua Chek Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader Lamotte #3581 MOBILE WaterLink SPIN TOUCH Lab What is the BEST pool water test kit for me? knowledgeable about certain things. 20 Best Digital Pool Water Tester 1. It has Easy to use and calibrate. Large LCD readouts. This high-tech digital pool water tester has the ability to run a whopping 10 test factors in roughly one minute! OTO measures the waters chlorine level, while phenol red measures pH level. It is very accurate when it is calibrated properly and it is extremely easy to use. For the best, we looked at the materials and designs, as well as the reviews of experts and customersto find the best digital water tester for hot tub. feature of this product is that it supports Bluetooth. SAVE HUNDREDS & FREQUENT TRIPS TO THE POOL STORE - This kit includes 50 pool test strips, which will last 2-3 months testing 2-3 times per week. Enough balanced for your swimming pool, hot tub, spa and other water testing. WebWater-Testers Filter Sort By: Testers Testers AquaChek Trutest Digital Reader AquaChek Trutest Strips 50 Count SAFEDIP 6-IN-1 Electronic Pool & Spa Wat SALTDIP 2-IN-1 Electronic Salt Water Tester You might need to shocking your pool which is not Without it, youd have a hot tub where the pH fluctuates dramatically, causing all sorts of problems. WebConveniently placed massage selectors let you divert water from one seat to another to increase or minimize the water flow. say that it is quite confusing and challenging for the beginners to pick the The only real drawback to this digital kit is that its reagents have a bit of a short shelf life. Moreover, these kits are so helpful that they even ensure you about the amount of chemical needed to use in the pool. Categories: Hot Tub Care, Hot Tub Chemistry. also created a customized recommendation. LAMOTTE 2056 COLORQ PRO 7 DIGITAL POOL WATER TEST KIT What are some other options for ACCURATE AND RELIABLE: To achieve high accuracy, equipped with premium quality titanium alloy probe, and reliable Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures reading always be accurate at various temperatures. So, you will need the best salt water pool tester for checking the chemical elements of your pool. We all know how important it is to know our water's quality and test our pools regularly. MULTIPURPOSE TDS TESTER: Test the purity of drinking water to ensure it's healthy, monitor if Reverse Osmosis (RO)/DI System works properly, whether filter need replaced, maintenance aquarium, hydroponics(test nutrients), pool and spa, etc. Our easy-to-use pool test kit gives you peace of mind regarding pool safety. but you need to be selective and know the proper way of using the kit. Want to know how clean or dirty your swimming pool is? The most expensive best digital water tester for hot tub does not always indicate the best decision for you and your money. How do you use them? Shake up the samples and wait a few seconds until the water changes color. Upgraded with big backlit LCD for easier reading, and auto-lock function for easier use. You can take advantage of our free consultations before making a final decision. What's the pool water quality like? At this depth, it ensures the chemicals in the sample have been well-circulated. Auto Calibration - Digital pH tester factory calibrated, but recalibration is needed in case of long period of inactivity or after a frequent use. This is one of the TA can be brought down by using a pH Decreaser in the water. To get the greatest product, you need to pay attention to the quality of the things you are purchasing. What are some other options for digital water testing? Solaxx MET01A SafeDip Digital Test Meter. When soft water is an issue (meaning theres a low level of calcium), it will slowly eat away at the hot tub shell, as well as the plumbing and equipment. Easy to use and provides an instant display of results. market. these has a different function and they are used accordingly. And we offer 90 days Money Back Guarantee if not totally happy with the digital TDS water tester meter. needs 2 AAA batteries to work. This kit is currently listed on at around $170. gives easy and accurate chemical dosing instructions. changed) and colourimetric (the colour is matched). Bluewave Electronic Pool Water Tester; 2.3 3. There are too many options, including low-quality knockoffs, on the market today. At Homechit, we do not manufacture or provide any products or services. that we use in our life certainly needs proper care and cleaning for providing Also, be certain that it has a sleek design that will go with anything. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. Top 10 digital spa water tester : Editors Pick 10 Best digital spa water tester Reviews: 1. Find out which option is most suitable for you. A convenient and waterproof carrying case is also included. All-round measurement of water quality to ensure healthy water quality. Looking at the design might help you make a decision. Many people like that salt water hot tubs are less harsh on their skin, hair, and swimwear. THE ULTIMATE AT HOME HOT TUB TESTING STRIPS for your spa & hot tub. When it comes to testing chemical levels in your pool and spa water, there are a few different methods that can be used. Before the calibration, please turn it off and fully charge. POSITIVE AFTER-SALES SERVICE AND WARRANTY. But that becomes difficult to level up Water test strips are easy to use and probably the most affordable method and they can measure a fairly wide range of levels including alkalinity, hardness, cyanuric acid, chlorine, free chlorine, bromine, and pH. THE ULTIMATE AT HOME HOT TUB TESTING STRIPS for your spa & hot tub. Mineral sticks are easy to use and last 3 to 4 months, slowly releasing the correct dosage over time. Top 7 Best Pool Test Kits For The Money In 2023 Reviews Lamotte ColorQ Pro 11 Digital Liquid Pool and Spa Chemical Water Testing Kit Poolmaster 2260 5-Way Test Kit with Case 1 LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit Read more: This is one of the top models when it comes to helping with testing your pool water. Best Digital Salt Water Pool Tester kit TDS measures salt, mineral, or metal content in your water so you want a lower TDS reading. PH Meter: Full measurement range of pH 0-14; High accuracy of 0.01 pH, reliable and quick readings. While making a purchase decision, many people take into account customer feedback. Besides, they are much faster and simpler than liquid testing kits, with accuracy as good or better. It even Refractometer suitable for drinking water, water purification, beauty spa, fish tank, aquaculture, sewage treatment, teaching experiments, medical care, etc. Cost and performance are essential factors to consider when acquiring a best digital water tester for hot tub. Ideal range marked on bottle, BONUS FREE E-BOOK INCLUDED - Record, track and monitor your pool test strip results with ultimate accuracy, 100 STRIPS MEANS 100 TESTS - Each swimming pool test strip provides accurate and fast results for any water sources including fresh and salt water pools, spas and hot-tubs, GET SAFE, CLEAN AND CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER, our pool and spa test strips come with a great e-book explaining what your results mean and how you can keep your water in a healthy and clean condition year round. Web1-16 of 278 results for "digital hot tub water tester" Results AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader For Pool and Spa Water Testing - Tests for Free Chlorine, Free Bromine, alkalinity level, some prevent the water from being excessively acidic, some WWD POOL Swimming Pool Spa Water Chemical Test digital salt water pool tester for your pool, you need to be careful and One obvious consideration is price. parameters including Chlorine-freee/combined/total, pH, Alkalinity, Cyanuric Maytronics Dolphin E10 Above Ground Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner, 99996133-USF. checked. Can online monitoring for a long time. All these features. With well-made brands, a properly calibrated digital pool tester is absolutely accurate. Ask your dealer to show you how our strategically With the use of a test kit, it is imperative that you follow the directions very closely and measure the pool water and reagents exactly in order to get accurate results. Tests for 6 parameters: total hardness, bromine, free chlorine, total chlorine, pH & total alkalinity, EXTREMELY EASY TO USE spa water test strips, Instant reliable results with simple and clear instructions. Let's take a closer look at this option below. While it does require the reagents, instead of a color matching method for gathering results, it simply displays the digital results of your chemical levels on the digital readout screen. If you want When figuring out if your water is safe for your kids, it's time to do a pool test. You find the current levels in your pool by color matching between the color of the resulting liquid solution and a provided color chart which indicates possible chemical levels in your pool water. EXPERT SUPPORT WITHIN 24 HOURS - Our dedicated team of experts has more than 30 years of experience in the water quality industry. So, you have to know how to look out for This digital reader is easy to use and requires TruTest strips to read your pool's levels of free chlorine, bromine, pH, and total alkalinity. You dont How to use testing strips on your hot tub: Liquid testing kits can, at times, be slightly less accurate than test strips, and are also more involved when it comes to using them. It has small size and low weight as a pen, it is easy to be carried, It is convenient for you to take it in your pocket when you go out. LaMotte 2056 ColorQ Pro 7 Digital Pool Water Test Kit is a very good and effective test kit for pool. Hence, have The big downside of going digital is that the really good ones are quite a bit more expensive than strips or liquid kits, hovering in the $200 range. Clear LCD with backlight, 3 results displayed simultaneously. Engine degreasers are very important in maintaining your car's performance. will help you a long way in this regard. It reports you more than 1000 times in a week. My sympathies go out to you! Test temperature in / (switchable unit). These four tests are the most essential for keeping your pool, spa or hot tub water crystal clear. Digital water quality tester widely used to measure the pH/RH/Conductivity EC/CF/TDS(PPM)/Temperature of water. The most attractive feature of this Which products are the most popular amongst customers as a whole, you could ask. Uses liquid reagents for all test factors except Cyanuric Acid, which uses tablets. Taylor Technologies - K-2005 Complete High Range Pool and Spa Water Test Kit. Chlorine requires a level of 1 to 3 ppm, bromine 3 to 5 ppm, and biguanide uses 30 to 50 ppm. If it goes above this range, youll run into problems with ineffective chlorine, mineral deposits at the waterline and inside pool equipment, and potentially even health issues like itchy eyes, skin, and irritated nasal passages. In hot tubs, calcium hardness is required to stabilize both the pH and TA levels. When compared to test strips and testing kits, going digital will definitely put your mind at ease and save you a bit of time. In making your ultimate decision, you'll have to consider all of the factors listed above. How To Have the Best Pool Test Strips With Minimal Spending? Additionally, bromine and biguanide usually require separate test strips, as theyre less common sanitizers. 2 [Widespread Application] PH meter is used for measurement on residential life or commercial field,tap or distilled water,food,pool,homebrew,spas,aquaculture,laboratory,calibration and storage solution. The included detailed manual will show you how to get the best accurate and stable reading. The product's capabilities are defined by them. The most common sanitizer for hot tubs is chlorine. Alternately, if you are most interested in pH levels in your water, you can purchase a tester that only measures pH. PH electrode We use the international common BNC-Q9 plug, pH probe can be replaced. other components. If there is too much CYA in the water, this will lead to chlorine lock, a phenomenon where the chlorine literally locks up and stops working. Every best digital water tester for hot tub model follows the same essential premise. I suggest that you mix 4 parts of tap water with one part spa water and test immediately. We all want to feel good about our purchases, so let's face it. Using a cup, plunge it upside-down, elbow deep into the water. The sooner you buy, the better off you'll be if manufacturing doesn't slow down. Looking through customer reviews before making a purchase decision can offer you a decent idea of what other people thought of their experience with the goods. PoolLab 1.0 Photometer with Bluetooth Active oxygen. Save time, money, and avoid hassle while knowing for sure your water is balanced and safe. We are a part of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is an affiliate advertising program to allow sites to earn an advertising fee by linking products to,, and other sites associated with this program (Read more). Like pH, TA is one of the main levels that test kits across the board will test for. But for that, you need to test your swimming regularly. These digital methods have been put to the test extensively and different testers have been compared to one another in order to ensure their accuracy. Homechit is not responsible for any product or user choices on this website. 3-in-1 pH Meter - pH meter has a three-in-one function, which can measure PH, TDS and temperature with high precision at the same time. 5 [What You Get] It came with PH meters,screwdriver,2x 1.5V button cells (internal),Carrying case,3x PH Buffer Powders,user manual, friendly customer service, Last update on 2023-05-02 / Affiliate links / Images, Product Titles, and Product Highlights from Amazon Product Advertising API. You get the most value for your money if you take into account all of them. pH calibration powders and EC calibration solution are included in the set. 5-IN-1 CHEMICAL TESTING - Test for Total and Free Chlorine, Total Bromine, Total Hardness, Total Alkalinity, and pH. It has been designed to use in the measurement of pool parameters After calibration, put the sensor into the solution you want to test, and get the data immediately. What is the best digital water tester for hot tub? A hot tub has a high likelihood of forming bacteria and algae unless the proper amount of sanitizer is used. Test your pool water for chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity. might have the question in your mind that how will you be assured that you got No one wants to spend their entire fishing trip wishing they could get out because their back or feet hurt. Imported IC and high-cost performance. When pollutants and hot water mix, bad things take root. The world is filled of best digital water tester for hot tub, making it difficult to choose. AI Score is a ranking system developed by our team of experts. It is used to measure 11 When there is a spike in calcium, issues like cloudy water and scale will present themselves. Were continually assaulted with ads advertising the latest and greatest best digital water tester for hot tub. Can work continuously for more than 10 hours of a power outage or outdoor without power after charging the battery for 3 hours. $103.99. a long-lasting service. the solutions. It even contains batteries and reagents starter pack. Similarly, additional goods like as best digital water tester for hot tub. Different brands of digital testers function a bit differently but they are all very fast, efficient and easy to use. WebInstant Checkout. LED indicator light and Built-in Test Cup, Contains reagents starter pack and batteries, Suitable for saltwater pools/pools with salt electrolysis, Little complicated to use at the very beginning, Lifetime warranty of pHin Smart Water Care Monitor, Tests for total alkalinity, total hardness, and cyanuric acid monthly or when needed, Suitable to test all the necessary elements, Full test kit with all necessary chemical tests included, 5 minute auto-off function protects the battery life. And pH meter uses a 3-point calibration method, calibrating the electrode to solutions of pH 4.00, pH 6.86, and pH 9.18,You can calibrate effortlessly to ensure the accuracy of your measurements. When you try to determine the chemical level of your pool. chips. Tests for 7 parameters: total hardness, total chlorine, bromine, free chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid (stabilizer) & total alkalinity, EXTREMELY EASY TO USE pool water test strips, Instant reliable results with simple and clear instructions. LaMotte ColorQ Pro 11 Digital Pool & Spa Water Test Kit - Best Digital Pool Test Kit: 14.2 x 10.5 x 7.4: 3.2 lbs: Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Iron, Copper, Biguanide, and Biguanide Shock: Taylor K-1776 Pool Salt Water Test Kit - Best for Saltwater Pool: 4.8 x 4.6 x 1.4: 4 oz: Saltwater 4-IN-1 ESSENTIAL CHEMICAL TESTING - Test for Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, pH, and Cyanuric Acid. Therefore, if you want to keep your pool completely neat and clean, then you need to use some chemicals. 1 review. can be said that while buying the best We're here to help you discover what works best for you. It includes everything you need to know about what's in your pool, including pH, total dissolved solids, alkalinity, and more. Double check to be sure, so that you wont have to purchase a separate calcium hardness test strip or kit. High Accuracy Water Tester - High-accuracy algorithm chip and electrode of our digital water ph tester ensure accurate and fast response. If you need to calibrate, please refer to the instruction manual. Monitor the water quality at any time you want. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Each has advantages and disadvantages. Its sensor also works so fast. It has 6 buttons that give you easy access to a different parameter when required. easily. When making a purchase, it's critical to consider the technical specifications. These testing strips provide a reliable, accurate reading in seconds so you can enjoy your next swim, stress-free. Some high end digital testers may include it, but if not, you can always pick up a digital salinity tester for accurate measurements. This digital reader is very affordable and is currently offered on at around $43. They require you to add reagents to 2 water samples and record the results. tester?. No need to shake off excess water and follow the instructions easily, you will to get the accurate results. You'll then insert the disk into the device and super accurate, easy to read results will display in 60 seconds or so. For the most part, the products that are mentioned weren't specifically chosen for inclusion. reader. This is a much higher accuracy than test strips and, with how easy to use digital pool water testers are, their benefits can certainly outweigh the affordability of the more difficult to use pool testing kit. When making a decision on whether or not to employ a particular product, consider its comfort best digital water tester for hot tub. To assist you select the best digital water tester for hot tub brand, we examined all the features and came up with a list of ten possible purchases.You can see some famous brands as MaiDat, JulyPanny, bluelab, JNW Direct, HoneForest, PmoYoKo, LAWNFUL, KETOTEK, MEKBOK, AquaChek, Moor, RCYAGO, PHEPUS. 1 offer from $7.99. Some, not so much. This Simply dip and compare with large waterproof color chart on bottle. Are your home's pool water levels high? Poolmaster 22260 Essential Collection Chemistry Set, 5-Way Swimming Pool and Spa Water Test Kit, Small, Multi. For obvious reasons: after all, who knows a product better than its own users? Easy to Use: Large LCD backlit display; Light-weighted and handheld. If you can't bear to go with the old one, you could always sell it and put the money toward the purchase of a replacement. While the above options test your water for multiple factors at once, there are some other, more economical options for testers that read for an individual chemical. Tests for 7 parameters: total hardness, total chlorine, bromine, free chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid (stabilizer) & total alkalinity, EXTREMELY EASY TO USE pool water test strips, Instant reliable results with simple and clear instructions. Customers' overall satisfaction with a product can be gauged from their product reviews. Testing for metals is usually done using specific test strips, which will provide you results for a wide range of potential metals in the water.
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