If your prescription indicates disposable soft contact lenses, and these are by far the most popular, youll need to change them daily, biweekly, or monthly. Compared to a single vision 1 Day lens over a 3 year period. From our groundbreaking introduction of contact lenses proven to slow the progression of myopia in children 3 age 8-12 at the initiation of treatment; to our Digital Zone Optics lens design, developed to address the needs of contact lens wearers who lead digital lifestyles; to our creation of the world's first full family of 1-day silicone hydrogel contact lenses, CooperVision is . You cant even feel them (so extended wear is AMAZING) and they are so opaque that is covers my original eye color! With over 50% of the world having brown eyes, you can be assured that most colored contacts out there are designed for brown eyes. EyeCandys Pink Label Dewy Hazel colored contact lenses are perfect for creating the perfect eye look for you! And the best thing? Keep in mind that not all brands offer lenses in more than a few base curve options. Get 20 Beauty Secrets coupon codes and promo codes at CouponBirds. Once a person has a prescription, they can purchase colored contacts from reputable online eyewear companies. A prescription is required to purchase contact lenses, so youll need to make an appointment with an optometrist. Base curve: This refers to the curve of your lens, which ranges from 8 to 10. However, people who are looking for a more dramatic change in their eye color may prefer to purchase different lenses. Moonlight Blue offers a deep blue tone with hints of violet. If you get an eye infection, for example, you wont be able to wear contact lenses, so youll need to wear glasses until your eyes heal. You can clean lenses with solution, but replace a torn lens immediately. Contact lenses can cost anywhere from $30 to $100 a box, depending on the brand and type. Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. Your optometrist will give you one of each after a vision exam, unless you elect to have a lens-only or glasses-only exam. Super easy to put in! Beauty Secrets Cosmetics is a luxury lip gloss, lipstick & skincare eCommerce store Beauty Secrets Cosmetics, LLC - Home We avoid using tertiary references. Pink Label Obsession Grey colored contacts bring a natural look to one of the latest eye color trends. FREE GIFT PAIR W/ PURCHASE & $16 OFF SHOP THE FESTIVAL EDIT, EyeCandys Pink Label Obsession Khaki Green. DO remove the contacts before you go to sleep, bathe, shower or partake in water sports. Thats why Beauty Eye Shop decided to help you by making this small guide: . Of course, few things are more personal than choosing contact lenses. that will give your eyes the wow effect. EyeCandys stocks lenses with prescription strengths from 0.0 to -12.00, so you are all set whether you have natural 20/20 vision or need serious correction in order to work productively and drive safely. Compared to similar black 1-tone contacts, chocolate contacts are closer to the color of real irises, giving a more realistic effect. For example, if you suffer from dry eye syndrome, contacts may not be for you. If you remove your lens, and it rips in the process, resulting in a small piece getting stuck in your eye, then there are other methods you can use. Medical News Today follows a strict product selection and vetting process. 0. Soft contact lenses made with silicone hydrogel leverage the moisture-absorbing design of hydrophilic plastic lenses. They come in many popular styles and colors, so you have plenty of options from which to choose. The selling of non-prescription colored contact lenses is illegal, and people may increase the risk of complications if they buy non-prescription lenses. Creating dramatic fashion statements has never been so easy. Learn more here. Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses (1 pair+Free Lense case) $15.99 Other Colors Available Aqua Marine, Honey, Blue, Green, Jade Green, Chestnut Brown, Pure Hazel, Satin Gray, Sugar Gray, Sweet Violet, Brown, Marble Gray, Ever Green, Violet, Ocean Blue, True Sapphire, Hazel, Gray, Emerald Green, Topaz Blue $25.99 $22.99 Sale Sale $25.99 $21.99 Sale TORIColors lenses are available to buy online from several eyewear websites. People who have eye injuries or scars, such as a ruptured iris or an irregular pupil, may use colored contact lenses. We just love grey colored contact lenses to create a unique, one-of-a-kind eye look! DO seek medical advice if you notice any of the conditions mentioned above. You can buy colored contacts from your optometrists office, or as many people do, you may choose to order them online. They are really suitable for appointments or parties, wearing these 3 tone colored contacts now and you will know how charming you are! EyeCandys Libre Grey colored contacts offer a slightly larger than average printed diameter for a big and bright eye look! Pink Label Shade Brown lenses offer a toffee brightness that really help your eyes pop - in any makeup look. As far as shipping goes, you can expect your contact lenses to be delivered between a few days and a couple weeks from the time your order is processed. Incorrectly sized lenses can cause scratches, ulcers, and infections. May make eyes feel dry or itchy when it's time to replace them. One thing to note is that if you dont like the contact lenses for some reason, you cant simply try another brand with the same prescription. Beauty Secrets. And our Pink Label Aida Brown lenses feature rich, chocolate tones that accent your own. Their optical power ranges from 0.00 to 8.00, and they also come in various colors, from ocean blue, green, and purple to hazel and even red. CA 91745 However, that does not mean every colored contact lens will create the look youre imagining. If you are already registered, please log in. A slightly larger NEO Vision Dali Chocolate Brown Circle Lenses NEO Dali Chocolate Brown is THE original product that made circle lenses viral across Asia. Many long-time customers say they are the most comfortable lenses on the market. Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses Hollywood Only 1 item left $ 19.98 color Violet Quantity Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with Learn more Add to Cart Pickup available at 7830 Good Middling Dr Usually ready in 1 hour View store information Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses It doesnt affect your credit score at all! Our Circle Lenses & Colored Eyes Contacts Come in Prescription, Non-Prescription & Astigmatism. Ask for samples. These lenses can add dimension, highlights, depth, and contrast to a persons eyes. No, refrigerating/freezing them does NOT increase their life span. Hollywood Luxury Color Lenses (1 pair+Free Lense case) $15.99 Other Colors Available Aqua Marine, Honey, Blue, Green, Jade Green, Chestnut Brown, Pure Hazel, Satin Gray, Sugar Gray, Sweet Violet, Brown, Marble Gray, Ever Green, Violet, Ocean Blue, True Sapphire, Hazel, Gray, Emerald Green, Topaz Blue. Many of these designs deliver a #myeyesbutbetter look, so you can go #makeupcommando whenever you want. Soft contact lenses for astigmatism bend light in such a way that it passes to your retina correctly. The rich pigments and starburst pattern create EyeCandys Pink Label Pointe Choco Color Contact Lens Natural yet absolutely breathtaking, our brand new Pointe Series will definitely be the highlight of your EyeCandys Pink Label Pointe Choco Toric Lens Natural yet absolutely breathtaking, our brand new Pointe Series will definitely be the highlight of your new EyeCandys Pink Label Flirty Choco Color Contacts Show off your flirty side with these beautiful two-tone colored contact lenses from EyeCandys. We include products we think are useful for our readers. Getting the appropriate contact lenses is the best decision ophthalmologists can offer. These accessories will help you enhance your unique image, add expressiveness to the look, or gain maximum resemblance to your favorite game or movie character. Especially if taken into account that they are the first thing our surroundings notice. Luxe Lenses is an authorized seller of authentic Solotica Contact Lenses from Brazil since 2014. They're extremely comfortable, the color is natural enough to look real, and they're super easy to put in. See here for details. Bella Glow - Radiant Gray. Learn more here. Their optical power ranges from 0.00 to 8.00, and they also come in various colors, from ocean blue, green, and purple to hazel and even red. Beauty Secrets' brow and eye services are professional and safe. DO wash your lenses in solution if they touch anything besides your eyes. While it is possible to buy colored contact lenses from costume shops, beauty salons, drug stores, and other places that do not require a prescription, they are not legal and present a threat to eye health. These lenses are often designed to retain moisture better to combat dry eyes. I was worried that you wouldnt see the color because of my dark brown eyes but it can see the color. When selecting a provider for your colored eye contacts, you need to consider your priorities. Contact Us. 2. And we want you to have the very best green eye experience with colored contact lenses! They are used to create some new, stylish looks with little to no effort. 361 reviews of Beauty Secrets Skincare & Threading Studio "Went for threading sight (and review) unseen. The website has a Play with Colors feature that allows people to virtually try different colors. Pink Label Rio Grey Violet lenses feature a variety of tones for a well-blended, unique look. The first is our Referral Program where you can get 50% off for referring a friend to our site! Looks great very natural! It contains four main pieces of information, which are required in order for it to be filled by a retailer or pharmacy: power, base curve, diameter, and brand. Most colored contacts are not for vision improvement. 15650 Salt Lake Ave. City of Industry $ 41.43 $ 39.50 out of stock. Black contact lenses allow you to naturally enlarge and define your eyes in the seconds it takes you to apply them. Here are a few do's and donts when it comes to colored contact lens safety. Yes, its common to change lenses to accommodate age-related vision changes. Colored contact lenses may help correct a persons vision or have a cosmetic purpose, changing the color of the eyes. Cosmetic and photochromatic contact lenses not included. The modern market offers a perfect alternative for those who want to experiment with their appearance -. Quick View Beauty Secrets. These soft, disposable contacts are monthly and may suit those with astigmatism. These contacts are so comfortable, and CLEAR! Never reuse solution, because it can transfer residue or bacteria to your eyes. 1-800 Contacts is an online retailer of contact lenses and offers online vision exams. Express 1 Day Delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and the United Arab Emirates. Power: This refers to the strength of your prescription and is expressed in positive numbers for farsightedness or negative numbers for nearsightedness. Create your account and enjoy a new shopping experience. A. The material provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Whether its single vision, bifocal, trifocal, or progressive - we've got you covered. Desire Lush Green contacts from EyeCandys offer just the right shade of green for a natural - yet eye-opening - look. To correct this, update lenses marked 'Qty 1=1 eye' to even numbers. We sell only certified products and set price tags much lower than our competitors do. Individuals may need an eye exam before purchasing Air Optix contact lenses. Additionally, this product is suitable for those who do not require a prescription for vision-correcting lenses. It may be abbreviated as DIA. And, Pink Label Obsession Pink contacts add a feminine, baby link twist to any makeup creation. This results in blurry or distorted vision due to the way light passes to your retina. Filter By CLEAR ALL FILTERS Color brown grey blue green pink View more Frequency yearly monthly daily Sort By - Featured You can browse our site by brand name, color, prescription strength, wear cycle, and more! Sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive offers, discounts and promotions. Worth considering for contact wearers who need distant correction and bifocals, but not everyone is happy with the results. For some people, contact lenses are a far more convenient option than glasses. Additionally, nonprescription lenses may not let in enough oxygen to the eye. More Buying Choices. . Customers rate us 4.8/5 based on 6167 reviews. It may be abbreviated as BC. Diva Steel is a beautiful cool gray with a light limbal rin, AnesthesiaAddict Grigio6 months - One Box Two Lenses The following are the answers to some common questions. Armani is an iconic Italian luxury fashion house known for some of the finest leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, perfumes, and optical frames. And that is what our colored contacts come into play. Start Shopping. . Made with HydraGlyde for lasting comfort. We offer a range of options that allow you to save money on all your favorite contact lenses with complete ease. As the saying goes, why fit in when you were born to stand out? Individuals must have a current prescription to purchase these contacts. Colored contacts sold without a prescription, such as costume contacts, can let less oxygen into the eye. Green Two Tone Natural Daily Colored Contact Lenses (10 Pack) $22.99. So you can rest assured when shopping with Eyecandys that any color contact lenses you purchase from our site are completely safe to use with proper care! Each online retailer requires you to upload a copy of the prescription, and they generally only accept ones that have been written in the last six months to a year. To help you stay informed about your contact lens purchase, weve assembled this buying guide. Get a pair of cosmetic lenses, and give yourself a cute, adorable look today! Well, these bold brown lenses are here to give you the transformation you EyeCandys Pink Label Melbourne Brown Color Contact Lens Sultry yet sweet, Melbournes clever, barely-there design will bring out the best in your naturally dark EyeCandys Attitude Choco Color Contact Lens Show off your true colors with EyeCandys Attitude lenses! With multiple layered tones of color for an effect that almost appears to sparkle, EyeCandys Pink Label Obsession Khaki Green lenses are among our very favorite! DO keep your lenses case clean and regularly change the eye care solution. FREE GIFT PAIR W/ PURCHASE & $16 OFF SHOP THE FESTIVAL EDIT. Water content is more than adequate. Contact lenses are a popular and convenient way for many people to correct their vision. *Based on Rx option combinations (sphere, cylinder, axis and add) manufactured, across all soft lenses in sphere, toric and multifocal (including made to order), in silicone hydrogel and hydrogel from 4 main manufacturers. Diva Sand is a beautiful gray beige We stock Sharingan, Halloween, animal, zombie, and many other colored contact lenses that will make you a star of the evening. Individuals can purchase correcting and non-correcting lenses through a prescription from a licensed eye doctor. I've never worn contacts before so that's saying alot! Astigmatism: This is another common vision issue that can be diagnosed in a vision exam and corrected with contact lenses. on the menu, its easy to get lost. Contact lenses are a popular and convenient way to correct vision. And the Pink Label Nouveau Large Hazel lenses help enhance the perceived size of your eyes for a wide-eyed, innocent look! Keep an eye on your vision health. If you hope to achieve big, bright, dolly eyes, there is a pair of colored contacts for your preference. The AAO states that nonprescription colored contact lenses, such as costume lenses, can cause permanent damage to the eyes. As your optometrist will tell you, contact lenses arent one-size-fits-all. Multifocal lenses that correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness. EyeCandys Pink Label Pointe Brown Color Contact Lens Natural yet absolutely breathtaking, our brand new Pointe Series will definitely be the highlight of your EyeCandys Pink Label NYC Brown Color Contact Lens Ever wanted doe-eyes? 1 Pair (2 lenses durabl, Amara Warm GrayMonthly Lenses - One Box Two Lenses 6 - UV Blocking. Are costume contact lenses safe? Are you the right candidate to wear our affordable contact lenses? While its recommended to have your eyes examined annually, you dont need to pay for new frames or lenses if your prescription doesnt change. If you need this pair of lenses WITH PRESCRIPTION power Click HERE to go t, Diva Sand Monthly - One Box Two Lenses By opting for this option when paying, you can split your entire online purchase into 4 interest-free payments over 6 weeks. See our, Another way you can save money is by using our. Through scientific and technological innovation, operational excellence and close working relationships with our eye care professional customers, CooperVision has helped improve the vision of millions and become a trusted global leader in the contact lens industry, Manufacturing the widest range of soft contact lens prescription options1*, Making billions of contact lenses annually1. Tom Ford sunglasses lenses also offer 100% UV protection. I was expecting a long wait time, however they were here in only two days and they were exactly what I was expecting. Glossy VG Blue lenses feature a blue outer haze thats truly unique - just like you! 110 likes. You can achieve a natural look with a dash of charm with natural colored contacts designed with fresh and vibrant colors. Whether you seek a standard option for daily use or want something extraordinary like cosplay. 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